Fulfill your kids dreams. Let them perform! Let them DANCE!


Where to Park

Parking is free after 6pm, and $1/hr before 6pm.

There are 3 huge municipal parking lots vey close to the studio, plus plenty of free and metered street parking. When coming for the first time please allow extra time for familiarizing yourself with the area.

Ultimate Tango Kids building and main entrance, Ultimate Tango Kids, Cambridge,  MA Image

Your best bet is gigantic parking lot behind Collins Icecream (don't get tempted!) at the corner of High St. and Governors Ave. Additional parking is available next to Medford City Hall - about 3-5 minutes walk to the studio.

Metered parking is payable by coins, bills or credit cards. Limit is 2 hrs, but you can 'repark' at the same spot and keep purchusing 2 hrs after 2 hrs. There is also ParkMedford app available - very convenient and easy to use.